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Automation Overview

Entry Systems
There are several ways to access your gate.

Gate Operators
These are the devices that physically open the gate. Most operators are available in 120 volt AC or 12-24 VDC for battery back up or solar operation.
Digital Access is a keypad that usually has a few entry codes that are programmable by the user. These keypads typically do not have a way of signaling that someone is at the gate.
Swing Operators
come in three varieties.
Telephone Access uses your phone system to speak directly with a person at the gate and can open the gate momentarily or hold it open for longer periods. These systems offer complete control over the gate and have a digital keypad built in. Timers are built into these systems that can open and close the gate at specific times throughout the week. These systems allow you to operate the gate from any landline or mobile telephone worldwide. Linear Arms are mounted directly on the gate and use either a hydraulic piston or a jackscrew piston. The control circuitry is usually installed in a separate box.
Radio Remotes are the same as garage door openers. These are almost always used in conjunction with other access systems or sometimes used as the only access control on simpler systems. Swing Arm Operators are a larger box that sits off to the side of the gate and uses an arm connected to the gate. DoorKing brand operators have the arm located at bottom of gate, which makes for a better looking installation.
Card Readers use magnetic encoded cards similar to a credit card. Card readers recognize individual users. Cards provide a high level of security because each user must have their own card. Underground Operators (Also called below grade operators) are installed below grade and offer a clean look.
Transponders attached directly to a vehicle that needs to access the gate. Similar to what is used at toll boothes
Slide and Cantilever Operators
Safety and Exit Loops
Slide Gate Operators are used more commercially or when road grades and site conditions prevent the use of a swing gate. Slide gates have more safety issues than swing gates and usually cost more to install.
Loops are cut into asphalt or concrete driveways or buried beneath gravel and earth driveways. They are used to detect the presence of an automobile. Loops operate like a metal detector and send a signal to the gate operator when it detects a vehicle. Cantilever Operators lift the gate into the air. These operators are used sometimes in areas that are restricted in space or where road grades prevent a conventional installation.
Exit Loops are used to provide a way of exiting the property and are included in most installations. The loop is placed 20-100 feet before the gate so that the gate is open or partially open as you drive up to it.
Uninterruptible Power Supplies
Safety Loops are optionally installed in front and behind the gate to prevent a gate from closing on a vehicle that is in the path of the gate after the open time has expired. Uninterruptible power supplies are available for complete system standby. These systems are used when the utmost reliability is required and can run the system for several days during a power outage.