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Driveway Gate Operator Wire Size Calculator

This gate opener wire size calculator will determine the minimum size conductor needed based on a 3% Voltage Drop. It does not take into consideration other factors such as minimum ampacity based on the National Electric Code Table 310-16 - Allowable Ampacitys of Conductors. For further details, consult The Electrical Code.



120 Volts
208 Volts
240 Volts
277 Volts
480 Volts




Single Phase
Three Phase

Enter Distance in Feet, One-Way 

Enter Total Amperage of Circuit   

    This is your MINIMUM WIRE SIZE

Gate Operator Power Requirement Estimates:

• High Voltage (120V) Gate Operators draw about 6 Amps per operator when in use.
• Gate Operators using batteries as the main power source draw about 2 Amps for the charging circuit.
• These estimates include accessories usage such as Keypads, Radio Remotes, and Loops but DO NOT INCLUDE lighting.
• For accurate power requirements, consult the manual or specification sheet for your operator and accessories.


Electrical Supply Wire Used in Driveway Gate Installations:

• Wire used in underground conduit should have a “W” in it designation, which stands for “Wet” Ex: THWN, or THHN/THWN.
• Romex CANNOT be installed in conduit, however; Romex with “UF” (Underground Feeder) designation can be used for direct burial applications.

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