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February 2016 Monthly Newsletter

~ Driveway Gate & Gate Automation Maintenance ~

"You can add years of life to your driveway gate & gate automation equipment with simple annual maintenance."

Some maintenance requires access to your gate operator. If your operator has a key lock cover or access door to which you have lost the key, contact us for a replacement.

Turn Off Gate Power Before Performing Maintenance!


Lubricating Sealed Bearings on Driveway Gates

Lubricating Sealed Bearings

Hinges take the brunt of usage in your gate installation. Almost all hinges have a grease joint (zirk fitting). Use of a a standard grease gun and a tube of heavy grease available at any hardware or auto parts store is all you need.

Pictured here is a sealed flange bearing. Usually, there is a plastic cap over the zirk fitting. Pump grease in until you see some coming out of the bearing. You are not actually greasing the bearing because it is sealed, but rather the gimbaled joint that the bearing moves around in.


Garden & Driveway Gate Block Pin Hinge Lubrication

Lubricating Block Pin Hinges

There are several sizes of these popular hinges. Smaller ones are found on garden gates and larger ones can hold a driveway gate.

The hinge pin is usually stainless and sits on one large ball bearing. These hinges take a lot of lateral weight (sides of pin on wall). They wear rapidly when not greased and the cylindrical pin hole becomes oval shaped and the gate starts to sag. This type of hinge requires annual maintenance for optimal performance.

The grease fitting (zirk fitting) is located on the bottom. Use of a standard grease gun and a tube of heavy grease available at any hardware or auto parts store is all you need. Pump grease in until you see some come out around the pin.


Slide Gate Chain Lubrication & Tensioner Adjustment

Driveway Gate Chain Lubrication

Chains should be greased annually using heavy axle grease. To keep the job from getting messy, place a liberal amount of grease in a cloth and wrap the cloth around the chain. Run the cloth along the entire length of chain. You will have to move the gate to get to the part of chain the passes through the operator.

All slide gates with chains, have tensioners. Most have one at each end of the chain. Over time, as the gate operates, the chain stretches and will require tensioning. A visual inspection of the chain should be performed annually. You can tell when it needs tensioning by how much the chain sags. There should always be a little sag in the chain and 2" is normal for a 12 - 16 Ft. gate (more for longer gates). A chain that is too tight (looks like a straight line) will wear the idler wheel and the sprocket inside the operator.

If the tensioner is fully tightened and there is still too much slack in the chain, you will have to remove some links. This is a difficult task and you should consider having it done by a professional.


Swing Arm Gate Operators

Top Swing Arm Opener

Grease all chains with heavy grease. Check tension of chains and replace if there is excessive slack.

Some of these operators have sealed flange bearings for the drive axle. These bearings generally have a grease fitting and should be greased using a grease gun.

Put a little light oil on the shaft where the collar from the gate arm assembly slides over. This will prevent rust and make it easy to remove in the future.

Check the motor v-belt tension. If it is too loose, tighten it. Visually inspect the belt for cracks and other signs of wear. Replace if necessary.

Check the circuit board compartment cover to make sure it is fastened.

Any unused open holes in the control box should be plugged to prevent insects and lizards from entering. Remove insects, webs, and the occasional dead critter.


Battery Models

Battery Operators

Inspect battery for corrosion around the terminals and clean if necessary.

If your gate operator normally works fine but does not operate very long during a power failure, the backup battery is not holding a charge and the should be replaced.

Batteries should be routinely replaced every 5 years. When replacing batteries, write the replacement date on the new battery using a permanent marker.

Most operators use gel cell batteries however some use car batteries.


Solar Panel & Battery Maintenance

Solar Panel & Battery for Driveway Gate

Clean solar panels at least once a year. In very dusty locations cleaning should be done more frequently as dust & dirt lower efficiency dramatically. Windex works fine. A good high end solar panel lasts about 20 years while less expensive models may only last 5 years.

Most 12 Volt panels put out 18 Volts. Voltage coming out of a regulator (after the solar panel) is around 13.85 VDC. Batteries getting less than 13 Volts will not charge properly.

Batteries should be replaced every 5 years. When replacing batteries, write the replacement date on the new battery using a permanent marker.


Safety Equipment Maintenance

Photo-Eye Maintenance

Visually inspect all photo-eyes for damage, dust, water condensation or debris that interferes with proper operation and remove as necessary.

On retro-reflective eyes, gently clean the reflector.

On through-beam photo-eyes, ensure the beam is aligned properly.

If your automation system includes in-ground loops and you experience problems with consistent gate operation, check your the loop circuitry using BD Loops E-Z Detector Checker which allows testing of the detector itself.

Need help diagnosing loop problems? Using a multimeter to test your loop? Check out the Loop Troubleshooting Information on our site for details.


For more maintenance tips, visit the Maintenance Page on our web site
~ Replacement Parts & Maintenance Equipment~

Trouble with your Automation or Safety Equipment?

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