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Rezi-Weld 1000 Multi-Purpose Medium Viscosity Construction Epoxy

Category: Accessories

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Rezi-Weld 1000 Multi-Purpose Medium Viscosity Construction Epoxy

List Price: $275.00


• 1 Gallon
• For use with installation of Traffic Spike Systems
• 1 gallon of epoxy for every three -3' spike section for both asphalt & concrete surfaces
• Formerly 14250.100

Product Details

REZI-WELD 1000 is a medium viscosity, two-component, construction-grade structural epoxy adhesive. It is moisture insensitive and resistant to many chemicals. High modulus, high strength REZI-WELD 1000 is color coded to assure proper mixing, and is self-leveling and easy to apply. As a neat mix, REZI-WELD 1000 is used to bond hardened concrete to fresh or hardened concrete. It can also be used to bond metals and other materials to hardened concrete. REZI-WELD 1000 is also used to secure metal anchors, bolts, rebar and dowels in concrete. Mixed with sand or aggregates, REZI-WELD 1000 may be used to patch spalls or defects in concrete. A thin film coating sprinkled with sand or grit becomes a durable, non-skid interior topping.


• Offers high modulus, high strength and self-leveling characteristics.
• Resists many industrial chemicals and is moisture insensitive.
• Easy to apply … may be sprayed.
• Furnished in unique, color-coded, unitized, pre-measured packaging to assure proper mixing … eliminates mishandling and mismatching components.
• May be extended with sand or aggregates to patch minor spalls and defects in concrete.
• Provides a non-skid interior topping when sprinkled with sand or grit.

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