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Gate Locks

There are as many lock types as their are designs for gates and doors. In this category you will find mechanical code locks, digital locks, keypad locks, knobs, levers, deadbolts, latches, lock boxes, magnetic locks, electric strikes, solenoid locks, touch bars, door loops, and swimming pool compliant gate locks. We have a wide assortment of brands including Locinox, Lockey, Linear, Schlage, Kwikset, Duragate, Papaiz, PDQ, Cal-Royal, D&D, Adams Rite, Trine, Keedex, Platinum Access, Ramset, Liftmaster, DoorKing, Securitron, FAAC, Eagle, AiPhone, Rofu, International, Seco-Larm and Enforcer. 

Keyless Locks are Available in Mechanical and Electronic Formats. The mechanical units use selectable tumbler screws to set your unique code, the electronics ones have a digital memory and are battery powered. If you want a mechanical lock then Locinox makes an excellent product for use on pedestrian gates made out of tube steel that needs only a few holes drilled rather than welding in a specific lockbox as would be required with the Lockey models. You spend a little more on the product up front but save on the install costs. If you choose to use the Lockey products on an outdoor gate, make sure you order the "Marine Grade" finish so that the unit will hold up in the weather. Linear makes a good line of electronic locks, but make sure you pick the 212LS if you plan on installing it outdoors.

In the Locks & Levers Category you will find traditional door hardware such as knobs, levers, deadlatches and deadbolts that will require a lockbox to be welded in if you are doing a steel gate. If you use the Locinox line of products you can install the lock by just drilling a few holes through the tubing of the gate. If you are building a sliding gate you can weld in one of the weld-on deadbolt hook locks or you can bolt in the Locinox LSKZ twist lock. We also have a simple swing gate lock that uses self drilling screws called the DuraGate DGT-SGL.

The Latches Category contains the more traditional style of gravity latches that you will usually find on the side gate to a homes back yard. There are multiple finishes and styles and they can be welded or screwed to your gate and post. 

The Lock Box Category has a wide variety of weld in lock boxes for specific styles of locks to be used with ornamental steel, iron, or aluminum gates. Many times we will also list the lock box on the accessories tab of the lock it goes with and this is a much easier way of finding the correct part. If you have questions on which specific box and lock go together don't hesitate to contact us for help.

We have a Wide Variety of Magnetic Locks with holding forces from 300 lbs to 2000 lbs and you can combine multiple locks on the same circuit to increase the holding force. Maglocks are powered by 12 or 24 Volts DC and can be triggered by keypads, card readers, pushbuttons, keyswitches, telephone entry systems, intercoms, and more. You can also wire them up directly to a gate operator for additional security.

Electric Strikes are Combined with a Keyed Door Knob or Lever to control access to a door or gate electronically in conjunction with a keypad, pushbutton or other access control device. Typically access from the outside is controlled securely and the inside of the knob or lever will be left unlocked to allow free exit from the property, although you can keep both sides locked and require a code or card reader for access and egress. Solenoid locks are typically used as an alternative to magnetic locks on solar powered driveway gates.

Touch Bars are Used for Emergency Egress from a secure facility, they come in a variety of lengths and styles with some also offering the option to trigger an alarm upon use. Door Cords or Door Loops are used to protect any electrical wires running between the moving door or gate and the post or wall next to it. 

Swimming Pool Locks are Suitable and Required to seal off access to swimming pools.

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Featured Products

  1. DuraGate DGT-SGL Swing Gate Lock

    • 3" 90° Angle Bracket
    • 2.5"H x 1.5"W x 2"D Hasp
    • Heavy-Duty Steel w / Black Powder Coat
    See More Details

  2. Locinox VINCI LMKQ V2 Mechanical Code Lock

    Locinox VINCI LMKQ V2 Mechanical Code Lock

    Available in 2 Profile Styles Choose Jet Black or Silver
    • Operational code panel on both sides
    • Independent entrance and exit codes
    • Polyamide rain and dust cover
    • Easy and fast set-up or modification of the access codes
    • With adjustable polyamide rollerbolt for easy closing
    See More Details

    From: $441.00

    To: $480.00

  3. Keedex K-BXES-EN400 Weldable Box

    • Weldable Box for the Trine EN-400 Indoor/Outdoor Fire Rated Electric Strike
    See More Details

  4. Locinox MAGMAG2500 Magnetic Lock

    Locinox MAGMAG2500 Magnetic Lock

    Choose Jet Black or Silver
    • 600 Lbs Holding Force
    • 500h salt spray resistant! SGS Certified
    • Tested according to ISO 9227
    • Powdercoated aluminum casing
    • Voltage: 12V/24V DC
    • Current: 460 mA / 12V or 230 mA / 24V
    See More Details

  5. Platinum Access MAG24-13 Magnetic Lock - 1,300 Lb

    • 1,300 Lbs Holding Force
    • 12 / 24VDC - Transformer Included
    • Removable, Weldable Bracket
    • Electrical Junction Box Attached
    • 2-Year Limited Warranty
    See More Details

  6. Trine EN-400 Premium Electric Strike

    Available in 12/24 VAC/VDC Choose from 5 Finishes
    • 2,000 lbs. UL tested holding force
    • 3/4"w x 1-1/2"h x 7/8"d
    • Only UL Indoor/Outdoor and Fire Rated Strikes in the industry
    See More Details
  7. PDQ GP Series Heavy Duty Lever and Lock

    Available in Storeroom and Double Cylinder General Entry Latch Only Also Available
    • Heavy Duty Grade
    • Satin Chrome Finish
    • Schlage Keyway
    • 5-Year Limited Warranty
    See More Details

    From: $166.00

    To: $226.00

  8. PDQ SV Series Double Cylinder Entry Knob

    Available in 2 Finishes Latch Only Also Available
    • Double Cylinder - Keyed on Both Sides
    • Back-Set: 2-3/8"
    • Commercial Grade
    • Schlage Keyway
    • 1-Year Limited Warranty
    See More Details

    From: $143.00

    To: $148.00

  9. Locinox LSKZ U2 Sliding Gate Lock

    Locinox LSKZ U2 Sliding Gate Lock

    Choose Jet Black or Silver
    • For square profiles
    • Chassis, mechanism and Twistfinger in stainless steel
    • Reversible twistfinger (catch bolt)
    • Innovative closing system
    See More Details

    From: $157.00

    To: $217.00

  10. Kwikset Weld-On Deadbolt Hook Lock

    Available in Single or Double Cylinder
    • 13/16" Throw
    • 1-3/4"W x 2"D x 7"H
    • Single Cylinder - T-Turn One Side, Keyed Lock Other Side
    • Double Cylinder - Keyed Lock Both Sides
    See More Details

    From: $44.00

    To: $48.00

  11. DuraGate 15 Gauge Lock Boxes - 2-3/8" Backset - 2-1/8" Hole

    Available in Single or Double Hole & 3 Widths
    • Gauge: 15
    • Backset: 2-3/8"
    • Hole: 2-1/8"
    See More Details

    From: $6.00

    To: $156.00

  12. Locinox LAKQ U2 Industrial Lock

    Locinox LAKQ U2 Industrial Lock

    Available in 2 Profile Styles Choose Jet Black or Silver
    • Easy left or right hand changing of the self-latching bolt
    • Throw of 7/8" in 1 turn of the key
    • Key-operated self-latching bolt
    • 4-hole mounting with two hex head socket screws
    • Center distance between bolts: 2-3/8"
    • Adjustment of the bolts up to 3/4" continuous without removing the lockbox
    • Stainless steel mechanism
    See More Details

    From: $125.00

    To: $166.00

  13. Locinox LLKZ V2 Leonardo Mechanical Code Lock For Sliding Gates

    Choose From Jet Black or Silver
    • For square profiles
    • 100% mechanical: no battery or electricity required
    • Reversible twistfinger (catch bolt)
    • Operational code panel on both sides
    • Accepts 4 to 6 digit code combinations
    See More Details
  14. Locinox SE-E Fail Secure Electric Strike

    Locinox SE-E Fail Secure Electric Strike

    • Fail Secure
    • New: Deadbolt receiver reinforced and in stainless steel
    • For profiles 2" and larger
    • Voltage: 12 V AC/DC
    • Current for Fail Secure Model: 1 A
    • Current for Fail Safe Model: 1.5 A
    • Water resistant, weatherproof
    • Pressure resistance on self-latching bolt: 1000 lbs
    • Updated stainless steel latching
    See More Details

    From: $236.00

    To: $287.00