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Slide Gate Hardware

Gate Depot has a Wide Variety of Slide Gate Hardware including chain, chain tensioner bolts, idler assemblies, guide rollers, gate catchers, mooring points, v-track, v-track stops, v-groove wheels, wheel boxes, mounting plates, pipe track wheels, nylon cantilever rollers, cantilever track, and carriage assemblies. We carry products from Duragate, DoorKing, Eagle, Liftmaster, Ramset, Locinox, Lockey, and Communelo. If you are looking for gate locks, you will want to go back one page and click on the gate locks category. All of our sliding gate hardware is designed specifically for vehicular traffic, for pedestrian or garden gates the only option we have is barn door and overhead gate hardware which can also be found back one page in the Overhead/Barn Door Hardware category.

 The Most Common Way to setup a slide gate is with a v-track and v-groove wheels, you can take a look at our Slide Gate Diagram. At the base of the support posts you will pour a concrete foundation twice as wide as the gate. Onto this concrete foundation you will mount a v-track for the gate to roll on. The gate itself will have wheelboxes welded or bolted to the bottom of it so that you can mount v-groove wheels on the bottom. Two wheels is sufficient for gates up to about 20' long. The support post nearest the operator will have a set of guide rollers attached to it that keeps the gate upright while allowing it to glide freely back and forth. The support post on the far side of the driveway will have a gate catch or mooring point installed that keeps the gate secure when it is fully closed. The rear of the gate will have extension arms welded or bolted to the top and bottom of the gate to allow the top to stay within the guide rollers and the bottom to have chain routed to the rear of the gate operator. The chain will be attached to the gate with a set of chain brackets and tensioner bolts. At the rear of the track you will install a slide gate stop to prevent the gate from running off of the track if a limit switch fails.

Cantilever Hardware is Typically Used For Chainlink Gates or in snowy areas where a gate running on a track may be obstructed. A chainlink gate will have a rolling gate wheel placed at the front to provide support when in the closed position, with a set of 4 pipe track wheels at the back end of the gate to keep the gate in line and provide support when in the open position. If you are building a heavier custom steel gate you will want to look at the Communelo Cantilever Gate Hardware distributed through Architectural Iron Design under the brand name Duragates. This system uses a "C" shaped cantilever track welded to the bottom of your gate with a set of 2 carriages that support the full weight of the gate when it is full extended in either direction. At the top of the gate you have a set of guide rollers holding the gate vertical in a similar fashion as a v-track style gate. They also sell a variety of catchers and support cups for either end of the gate. Because of the wide variety of weight and length possibilities on a custom gate it is important to properly engineer the foundation and the gate itself to support the final weight. Make sure to speak to an engineer. 

If you have Specific Questions on any of our products give us a call at (888)818-4283.

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Featured Products

  1. DuraGate DGT-WHEEL-V4 V-Groove Wheel - Hardened Steel

    • 4" Wheel
    • 2" Hub Width
    • Hardened Steel w / Gold Zinc Coating
    • Axle Bolt & Nut Included
    See More Details

  2. DuraGate Steel Wheel Box

    Available in 4 sizes
    • 11 Gauge
    • 9/16" Hole (Must be Drilled to 5/8" to Fit)
    • Fits 2 or 2-1/2" Hub Width
    See More Details

    From: $16.95

    To: $21.50

  3. DuraGate DGT-TRACK Slide Gate V-Track - 2.4M

    • 94.5 Inches Long
    • 90° Angle
    • Galvanized Steel
    • Holes for Anchoring to Concrete
    • For Single or Dual Track Applications
    See More Details

  4. Ramset 800-83-50 Adjustable Guide Roller - 6" - Black

    • Heavy Duty UHMW Plastic
    • Adjust to Fit Any Gate
    See More Details

  5. DuraGate DGT-CATCHER-50mm Slide Gate Mooring Bracket (Gate Catcher)

    • Designed for 2" Wide Gates
    • Nylon Liner
    • Black Powder Coat Finish
    See More Details

  6. $24.00

  7. Duragate PTW Pipe Track Wheel - 5" Light Duty

    • Galvanized & Riveted Together
    • For 1-5/8" o.d. pipe
    • 5/8" dia x 5" bolt
    • Bracket included
    See More Details

  8. Duragate RGW Rolling Gate Wheel

    • Galvanized
    • For Chain Link or Ornamental Iron Gates
    • 6" Rubber Wheels
    • 14-1/2" Wide
    • 5/8" Diameter Axle
    See More Details

  9. $8.00

  10. $45.00

  11. $1.75

  12. Doorking 2600-818 Chain Idler Assembly

    • Use with rearÔÇÉmount slide gate operators
    • Works with #40 and #41 chain
    All Products Require a 3-5 Day Lead Time
    See More Details