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Sensor Devices

Sensor Devices Includes Motion Detectors and Treadle Switches that are typically used in industrial and commercial applications such as warehouses, factories, drive throughs, and car washes. They are easier to install than inductance loops and can be used to for access control or safety purposes. We carry models from BEA, MMTC, Miller Edge, and EMX.

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  1. BEA Eagle HM Universal Overhead Industrial Door Sensor

    • Ability to be mounted up to 17'
    • Set-up and adjustments can be done with a BEA remote control
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  2. BEA LZR-H110 Laser Scanner

    BEA LZR-H110 Laser Scanner

    • Vehicle gate Exit and Safety scanner
    • 2 relay outputs   
    • Relay 1: Designed for activation applications   
    • Relay 2: Designed for true presence safety only
    • Max detection range 21'w x 16.5'l
    • Easy setup w/BEA-Remote - REQUIRED
    • UL325 listing pending
    • Ideal for situations that can't use traditional induction loops
    • 3yr warranty
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    From: $788.00

    To: $919.00

  3. Miller Edge Cegard Max Light Curtain Series

    Available with 74 or 114 Beams 114 Beams available with IP65 or IP67 rating
    • 6 Feet High
    • IP65 models come with 10 feet of receiver cable extension
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    From: $705.00

    To: $1,065.00

  4. MMTC Vehicle Treadle Switch

    Choose 3 or 5 feet
    • Exterior Use
    • Protective Housing with Ramped Edges
    • 24VAC
    • Yellow/Black
    • 3ft or 5ft length
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    From: $384.00

    To: $431.00

  5. Miller Edge MEP190 Treadle Switch

    • Indoor or Outdoor Use
    • Industrial or Commercial Use
    • Aluminum Retainer MEP190-RE is Recommended
    • Priced Per Foot
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  6. EMX USVD-4X Ultrasonic Vehicle Detector

    EMX USVD-4X Ultrasonic Vehicle Detector

    • Designed for Drive-Thru Applications
    • 12—24VAC/DC
    • Pulse & Delay Settings
    • ABS NEMA 4X Enclosure
    • Easy Set-up
    • 2-Year Limited Warranty
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  7. EMX HAWK-2 Industrial Motion Sensor

    EMX HAWK-2 Industrial Motion Sensor

    • Wide coverage area
    • Sharp, adjustable detection field
    • Directional settings
    • Easy to install
    • Installation height up to 20 feet
    • Degree of protection: IP 65
    • 2-Year Limited Warranty
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  8. MMTC Hercules Motion Detector

    • Microwave Motion Detector
    • 12 - 28VDC, 12 - 26VAC
    • Mounting Height 6-1/2' to 23'
    • Includes 16.4' of Cable
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  9. BEA Eagle Motion Detector

    • Power: 12 to 24 VAC/VDC
    • Frequency: 24.125 GHz
    • Mounting Height: 7' to 10'
    • Detection Area: 6.5'w x 8.2'd to 13'w x 6.5'd
    • Dimensions: 4.75"w x 3.15"h x 2.0"d
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  10. BEA IS40 Falcon Plus Infrared Presence Detector

    • The IS40 is compatible with most industrial doors
    • Active infrared and microwave technologies provide precise presence and accurate motion detection
    • The IS40 can be mounted from 8.0 ft - 16 ft
    • The IS40 is immune to subtle door vibrations, light, sun and environmental changes, including rain and snow
    • The IS40 is designed with a NEMA 4 and IP65 rated enclosure
    • Labor-intensive induction loops are replaced with an easy to mount overhead installation
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  11. BEA Falcon Overhead Industrial Door Sensor

    Choose Standard or Extra Low Mounting
    • Universally compatible with any industrial door
    • Ability to disregard pedestrians and only detect large masses
    • Can detect traffic moving both towards and away from the door
    • Can be mounted up to 22 ft.
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    From: $330.00

    To: $330.00

11 Item(s)

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